Market Access, Regulatory, Legal Representation, Distributor Search Services

We help bio/pharma & medical device companies access the market and achieve long-term sales growth in Latin America —with a special focus on Colombia


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We offer a wide range of market access services including market research & testing, product & trademark registration, regulatory legal representation, distributor search & selection, new entity set-up, and other operational services to enable life science companies to expand their markets and increase sales in Latin America


Imagine if you could access a market with a 50-million population with universal health coverage —and with a free-trade agreement with the US.

Colombia offers,

  • A $1.7B medical device and a $4B pharmaceutical market. Learn more

  • Free trade agreements between Colombia, the US and the EU: Key US and EU exports have immediate duty-free access to Colombia including medical products. Learn more

  • Fast product registration: Acceptance of FDA and CE Marking. Learn more

  • Fast clinical trial approval at the MoH (after IRB approval): 30 days for medical devices and 90 days for bio/pharma

  • Savings of 30%-50% off US clinical trial costs.

  • Population of 50 million with universal healthcare coverage and unparalleled patient pool for clinical trials. Learn more.


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Market Access Services

We help bio/pharma and medical device companies interested in selling their products in the Colombian market with market preparation, testing & research, product registration, distributor search or business set-up services. 

  • Analysis of what you need to enter the market

  • Market research & testing

  • Business plan consulting

  • Product registration for sales, new entity set-up or distributor/importer-of-record search and selection, trademark registration

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This decision to engage Interventional Concepts was made to increase our focus and visibility within South America. It is of the utmost importance that we partner with distributors that have influence and a good track record within the Colombian market.
— André Mouton, V.P. International Sales and Relations of SANUWAVE Health, Inc.



Small and mid-size life science companies struggle to gain market share in Latin America due to lack of financial resources and local talent to formulate and operationalize a successful market entry strategy. 

Interventional Concepts is based in Miami, FL and was founded in 2010 by Dr. Pedro Martinez-Clark —an interventional cardiologist, an innovator, founder and advisor to MedTech companies— to cost-effectively help medical device companies conduct early-stage clinical trials and have access to the Latin American market (with a special focus on Colombia).

The company offers a wide range of business development and market access services including market research & testing, product & trademark registration, regulatory legal representation, distributor search & selection, new entity set-up, and operations for life science companies looking to enter and achieve long-term growth in Latin America —with a special focus on Colombia.

Interventional Concepts has helped companies like Avinger, Mitralign, MitraSpan conduct clinical trials in Colombia; and companies like Sanuwave, ClarVista Medical, CeloNova BioSciences, Abiomed, Volcano, and Mount Sinai's Center For Personalized Cancer Therapeutics register their products and formulate a market access strategy in Colombia.


“I can’t express how thankful we were for your assistance. Colombia was an incredible experience and I will for sure be back to visit.”

— Victor Chong, Chief Operating Officer at Above and Beyond NB, LLC



Our Team

We believe that Latin America represents an untapped opportunity for life science companies to grow their sales and conduct cost-effective, quality and ethical clinical trials —with the same quality standards that they would find in the U.S. or Europe. Latin America is an untapped market for life science innovators to sell their products. 

Our team is comprised of international senior sales and marketing professionals specialized in the life science industry with extensive business development and commercial experience in Latin America. They have a proven record of developing and implementing short and long-term strategies, and have built sales teams and distributor networks in the region. We are proficient in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Our team can provide full P&L accountability, strategic/budget planning, product registration and compliance with industry and country regulations, among others. Our skills include lead generation, business development, regulatory, product launches, P&L management, product registrations, business plans, budget planning, training and education, contracts, distributor management, market intelligence, sales strategies, negotiation, sales teams, compliance, among others. We also have a valuable Latin America knowledge: political, economic, cultural, health care system, and reimbursement; without mentioning our extensive network of local contacts. 

Our most senior team member worked for Medtronic in Miami, FL from 1995 to 2006 as International Business Director, Vascular Business Latin America; he grew revenue by almost 50% in three years. From 2006 to 2009 he built a 12 distributors network for Bolton Medical (Spain) and Endologix (USA) in Latin America, obtained product registrations, and established a strong market presence by gaining a 15% market share in just two years. From 2009 to 2015 he lead Zimmer's regional sales efforts and grew the business by about 65% and gained a 15% market share. Additionally, he has held Latin American sales and business development positions at American Cyanamid (currently Pfizer Pharmaceuticals), Davis & Geck Sutures Division, and Johnson & Johnson. 


President & Chief Executive Officer

President & Chief Executive Officer

Julio G. Martinez-Clark, MBA

Julio is a Colombian-born savvy leader with an indelible reputation for delivering inventive and growth-focused business strategies. Recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, grit and vision that build the foundation for successful startup ventures. Prior to Interventional Concepts, Julio worked for large global telecom companies and was the co-founder and president of a real estate investment company. 

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Pedro O. Martinez-Clark, MD

Pedro is an interventional cardiologist trained at Harvard University's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He later became assistant professor at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami where he worked side-by-side with the internationally renowned William O'Neill, M.D. Dr. Martinez-Clark has extensive experience in clinical research and program development. With board certifications in internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine and interventional cardiology. Dr. Martinez-Clark has developed an international cardiovascular practice in Miami, FL.

Vicepresident of Operations

Vicepresident of Operations

Monica C. Mora

Monica leads the company's operations, logistics, accounting, human resources and general corporate and project-related administrative matters.

Senior Director of Business Development

Senior Director of Business Development

Osvaldo R. Martinez-Clark

Osvaldo helps promote Colombia's clinical trial and market opportunities to bio/pharma and medical device companies looking for a clinical trial destination and to expand their markets in Latin America.  

Chief Business Officer

Chief Business Officer

Michael A. Alvarez

Michael leads business development and global marketing strategies; leading US West Coast based operations and client services; facilitating biomedical technology commercialization and market adoption; advising companies regarding services, capabilities, and offerings.